Author Topic: DC-DC 9V/12V/24V to 5V 3A Buck Step Down Power Module  (Read 390 times)

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DC-DC 9V/12V/24V to 5V 3A Buck Step Down Power Module
« on: July 20, 2020, 06:32:18 PM »

Voltmeter can be artificially calibrated, will never exist voltmeter inaccurate problem.
Used for monitoring battery voltage, measure the voltage needed for a variety of occasions.
The output is 5.0V/2A, enough to meet a variety of USB devices, output voltage is stable.
With reverse polarity protection, reverse polarity does not matter.
With over-current, over-temperature protection.
With USB power indicator.
Wide input voltage,universally fits for cars, vehicles, SUV, bikes, motorcycles.

Input voltage: DC 4.5 ~ 40V
Output voltage: 5V (when the input voltage is between 6.5V ~ 40V)
Output current: 2A
Dimension: Approx. 58mm x 21mm x 10mm
Weight: 13g

How to use:
1. Connect the module to a power supply, the voltage can be detected in real time.
2. When you need to charge your phone, iPad, MP3 and other digital products, click the "Power Enable" button,then USB power indicator lights, USB output voltage 5.0V.
3. When you need to turn off the voltmeter, click the "Low Power" button, then enter the ultra-low-power standby mode, USB output corresponding shutdown.

Voltmeter calibration method:
1. Press the "Power Enable" button more than 2 seconds, release, voltmeter flashes, means it enters the voltage regulation mode.
2. Press the "Power Enable" button (normal speed), the voltage value will add a unit; Press the "Low Power" button to minus a unit. (A unit is lower than 0.1V, and the minimum voltage display is up to 0.1V, so you need to continuously press 1-5 times to see the voltmeter change, it depends on the current display voltage, the higher the voltage, the fewer the number of press)
3. Press the "Power Enable" button more than 2 seconds, release, to exit the voltage calibration mode. The setting will not lost after power off.

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