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Arduino - Web-Based Joystick

Started by branx86, November 01, 2018, 08:12:27 AM

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Components and supplies
1 - Arduino UNO or  Genuino UNO
1- WiFi Shield for Arduino
2- Servo Motors


    Stack PHPoC WiFi shield or PHPoC Shield on Arduino

    Connect pin GND and VCC of two servo motors to GND and 5V of Arduino, respectively. (pin IOREF of arduino can be used like 5V pin)

    Connect pin signals of two servo motors to pin 8 and pin 9 of Arduino, respectively.

What We Need to Do

    Set Wifi information for PHPoC shield (SSID and password)

    Upload new UI to PHPoC shield

    Write Arduino code

Setting Wifi Information for PHPoC Shield

See this instruction.

Upload new Web UI to PHPoC Shield

    Download PHPoC source code remote_joystick.php (on code section).

    Upload it to PHPoC shield using PHPoC debugger    according to this instruction

Write Arduino Code

    Install PHPoC library for Arduino on Arduino IDE (see the instruction )

    See source code in code section.

Try it

    Click serial button on Arduino IDE to see the IP address.

    Open web browser, type http:// replace_ip_address/remote_joystick.php

    Click connect button and test it.